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Planets and their taste

From the fundamentals of the Nakshatras –   Planets and Their Taste – Second house – Second house is the house of your Food , collection , Taste of the food , Intake of the food , which ever Food ...

Vatuka Bhairava

Wrote this as a post in the Lunar Astro Facebook Group. June 9th, 2022 today/tomorrow (depending on where you are in the world) is Vatuka Bhairava Jayanti. The tithi is ??????? ???? ???? (Jyestha Shukla Dashami). A few thoughts on ...


You must have heard about the metaphor “Grow a Spine” meaning fighting and having the courage to tackle something important. We can think of this also in terms of morals and ethics. Our lives revolve around this concept of ethics ...

The Journey

As the Telugu new year “Ugaadi” is approaching let’s discuss briefly about the souls journey and new beginnings. Lagna is defined defined as the point in the sky on the eastern horizon when any being is born. This forms the ...


Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) is very rich in its iconography and deities. It is a condensed form of the formless nature of existence (Brahman) and very symbolic. Its foolish to take the literal meanings or what is apparent. But even the ...


Vinayaka Vijayam is a 70’s Telugu movie that they used play on Doordarshan (Indian Government run channel) every Vinayaka Chathurthi when I was a kid. Yesterday, my wife was reading the Katha (story) on the birth of Ganesha as part ...

Thought for the day

Shani Maharaj is the Judge, Jury and Executioner. Reference from Makara. It is his Dharma (9th) to Judge (Kanya Rashi). It is his Karma (10th) to be the Jury/Deliberate (Tula Rashi). It is his Kaama (11th) to Execute/Deliver (Vrischik Rashi).

Birth Time Rectification

Nashta Jataka (Lost Horoscope) is one of subjects in classical Jyotish literature where using Prashna techniques the horoscope of the native is constructed, who has either lost the birth details or doesnt know their birth day and or exact time. ...

The making of the Mridangam

The Mridangam is an acosutic double sided drum like instrument always used in Carnatic music performances. This instrument has all the characteristics of Makar rashi and Shani Maharaj. Let us see how. First of all it is an ancient instrument ...



Ashtakams are a form of poetry which includes eight stanzas and four line each. Sri Aadi Shankaracharya wrote many popular Ashtakams on various dieties. By their nature of having 8 stanzas they are very transformative and I think this was ...